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RRSP Deadline Monday March 1st 2021

Monday, March 1st is the deadline for Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions for 2020!

If you don't have a pension with your work (most don't), RRSPs are key to a retirement strategy and saving money on income taxes.

In retirement, there are 3 main source of income. Each making up about a third of what you will require.

How to Use Your Registered Retirement Savings Plan to Purchase a Home

Buying a home can be overwhelming, especially when thinking about how to afford a down payment. The good news is, as a Canadian resident, you have some options for financing your new home.

The Living Benefits of Life Insurance


A medical diagnosis is overwhelming.  Prepare to handle a medical crisis through establishing your life insurance as an asset.  Life insurance can often be accessed for an advance on a death benefit in the event of a serious prognosis, or the cash value of the policy can provide funds when needed most.

Protect the Lifetime Income Value of Your Assets with Longevity Insurance


Small Business Grant: $10,000 (12 available)

Small Business Grant: $10,000 (12 available)

Canada Life is offering 12 grants to small businesses in Canada who are embracing the hustle COVID created and who rising up to keep our economy growing. (no pre-requisite to have any Canada Life products).

The application is streamlined and straightforward (less than 10 mins to complete).

Charissa earned a Designation!

Excited to share Charissa Keech has earned her Professional Financial Advisor (PFA) designation. This designation is offered through Advocis and takes a year and a half to complete. The PFA focuses on building a strong technical base while also further developing business acumen to run a financial practice.

Using the FIRE Movement to Gain Financial Independence 

Many people dream of the day they can leave work behind and start pursuing their lifelong dreams. But for most people, you’ll need to achieve financial stability and independence before you can leave behind your day-to-day job in exchange for a more fulfilling path. This is where the increasingly-popular financial independence, retire early (FIRE) movement comes in. 

Should you Take CPP now or Later?

Your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is worth approximately $250,000 to $330,000 in present value of money. Making the right decision on when to take your pension plan is just as important to your retirement strategy as it was to save for retirement. Should you take your CPP as early as possible at age 60 or defer to the longest time possible at age 70?

Our Approach

Using our 50+ years of experience and a comprehensive approach, we are passionate about providing financial advice. We use a conservative approach to help you live comfortably today and protect your legacy for the future.

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