How to Make Passive Income

Lloyd Litke |

Human beings spend on average 229,961 hours in our lifetime fast asleep. Imagine how much money we could have made with all of this time at our disposal!

Well, sleeping and generating income may not be mutually exclusive. Many of the most successful people in the world generate passive income to accommodate money earned during regular work hours. Passive income is considered earnings in which a person is not actively involved. However, in many cases this requires considerable time and preparation beforehand. So what passive income options are available and which ones can work for you?


If you are not already investing excess earnings, then what are you doing? It is the simplest and most time efficient way to earn income. Investing may evoke images of corporate bigwigs, the zoo that is Wall Street, and dizzying financial lingo - in actuality it can be incredibly straightforward and safe.

Depending on your risk tolerance and funds available, financial professionals are able to assist in creating a diversified investment approach that is suited to you. But first, understand your financial situation and research as thoroughly as possible prior to meeting with a professional.

Property Management

Renting out your basement or a separate property is a tried and tested method of earning passive income. Many homeowners have leaned on this method as the primary way to pay off their mortgage. However, the property management game isn’t an easy get-rich-quick scheme; it takes expertise to succeed. Use resources that have been successful in the area before you dip your toes in the water.

Renting out an entirely new property can be come with a host of risks - securing a proven property manager, general maintenance, and ensuring full occupancy to name a few. Compile this with the financial investment of a new property and you can suddenly have a recipe for disaster. Instead, start by renting out a room or basement in your existing home to minimize risk.

Get Digital

The vast digital world that we now live in brings endless opportunities to create a side income with it. The online medium is a great way to monetize a passion project you have going, whether it is creating a blog or a site selling a product (art, crafts, books) you have been working on. Although the vital steps of getting a following may take time to gain traction, the money will more than make up for the early legwork.

If you have a particular service or point of expertise that may be valuable, selling online courses is another hugely popular endeavor. Do not limit yourself! The internet is the go-to source for residual income.